Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

A lot has happened in the last moneth, although Andong life is slow. I'll write notes here for myself to remember later and to give you a taste of what's to come, and later I'll write in more detail.

My boyfriend, his mother, and I went out to eat dog meat and go sing karaoke (노래방).
My boyfriend and I went on a watercolor picnic date to one of Korea's 15 national treasures.
We threw a little birthday party for his mother.
We had a party at his mother's apartment with his aunts, his uncle, and his cousins (all younger).
We packed up and came back to Seoul to stay with his father for a few days before leaving for America together.
We saw some of our friends for the last time before going to America.
Today we ate at VIPs, a popular buffet restaurant, with his father and little brother until we were so full we felt like we would surely die.
Tomorrow we will go to Everland (Korea's Disneyland) and reap the benefits of winning a couple contest: free entry, free private safari, free special dinner, free special seats for fireworks, free git set, etc.. Because our couple story is so special, we will be featured Christmas Day in one of Korea's most famous newspapers, and maybe also on TV.
Christmas Day, we're heading to America together~ almost home! I must admit I'm pretty homesick.

That's December. More details later. Intrigued?

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  1. New Year New Stories! Where are they ??? We're starving for more! Dish it out !!! Please ! :)