Friday, February 27, 2009

Job Hunting Snag

I started applying for teaching jobs by posting my resume on some sites dedicated to English teaching jobs in Korea (thanks for the tips, Han). The only problem is that I need an E-2 visa to teach a language there. Although almost all jobs I've been offered include visa sponsorship, I can't get an E-2 visa because it requires a bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, I have a year left of school to accomplish that. New idea: take Korean language classes at Yonsei University over the summer on a student visa, then keep taking transferable classes while private tutoring for a year. The other idea is that I call the ambassador/consulate/someone and BEG and make some kind of deal, like I can teach English with proof of enrollment in MSU online courses toward my degree. I'm set to graduate in Spring 2010 so that's about a year. Not too long. I can figure something out.

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