Thursday, September 13, 2012


Raindrops gather into streams on the pavement after a long journey from the sky.
They become "we" and forget "I".
Somehow the rain feels like me and the rivulets on the windows feel like everyone else.
Like they have all lost themselves.
But I know that's not true; I'm one of them, too.
A tiny raindrop connected to you.

I'm very pensive lately. I have a job interview tomorrow, so if I get that job that's one thing I don't have to worry about. I withdraw from the world when depressed, hence the lack of blog posts, especially posts full of research and insightful thought. Each day is a struggle to get to the next day, so I don't have the energy for fun-filled things. Although I am still salsa dancing to try to fend off depression and stay healthy.

If I don't get a job by the end of October, I'm planning to go back to the US in November. I don't know if I already posted that. That would be the end of Kristin's Korean Life. What should I call this blog, then? The Blog Formerly Known as Kristin's Korean Life? Too long. Kristin's Life? Too simple. Kristin's Bipolar Life? Too much of a pity party. Kristin's Krazy Life? Too cheesy. Kristin's Crazy Life sounds good, though. What do you think? Is anyone out there? 


  1. Kristin's Life After Korea? Kristin...Moving on?

  2. Hmmmm I kind of like "Kristin... Moving On". I'll consider it when I go back to the States.

  3. If you like your blog adapt it to your new life. If not scrap it. I keep a blog to keep my emotions/mind straight and I could care less who reads it.

    And yes there is always someone out here.

  4. Oh, we're out here, Kristin. Just not terribly punctual in our blog-readings.

  5. I love rain and of course raindrops. They make me feel more alive.