Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Name Change: No More Kristin's Korean Life

Yes folks, that's right. I've made it back to the US. I'm now in Silicon Valley, which is like a country of it's own.

I have already passed the written driver's test with flying colors and failed the behind-the-wheel test with a jerk of a tester, and I've found the bus stop that takes me to downtown San Jose, where I might get a job.

I have discovered the ups and downs of house sharing. I live with my brother, his girlfriend, a gay guy, and two straight guys. There's an Austrian girl coming in January so I'll either be kicked out or I'll be her roommate.

I have made a bank account with Bank of America and am scared of their overdraft fees.

I have a funny accent.

Welcome home, me. Welcome home.

I wish I were still in Korea.


  1. Hi Kristin,

    Sounds like you and I have a few things in common to talk about.

    I have also passed the written driver's test and have not even taken the behind-the-wheel test for fear of failing it and some other various reasons that others might call excuses. I only have two months left before the permit expires: then I have to take the written test again!! It's freaking expensive!! $31.

    I also live with two brother in laws and a girl friend of one of them. Haha.

    Promise to give me a buzz if you come to San Francisco. We should hang out!!

    Welcome home and happy Christmas wherever you are.

    1. Oh I didn't know you haven't taken the behind-the-wheel test yet! I feel a lot better. It's been really stressful worrying about my next test on January 7th.

      Yeah I remember your house being really full. Ours is pretty big so all of us fit pretty well.

      I will let you know if I head north. Let me know if you come to Santa Clara!

      Merry Christmas! ^^